alan pettifer  -  composer

 singer songwriter

 An experienced performer and successful songwriter l have dedicated my creative art to helping national and local charities raise vital funds via specially commissioned songs and or musical concerts and events.

 I can compose and then produce an original song which could then be sold on any charity website via a simple download, or and if required, 

in CD and or DVD format.


A commissioned song is best for a National charity that have an online facility to sell worldwide.

The song will be written to a chosen theme...and will contain delicate yet meaningful and emotive lyrics supported by an easy listening melody... in other words a song that people can relate important factor when asking them to give.


 Charity concerts or musical events are ideal for any local charity or good cause and can be held at any suitable venue from small village halls to the larger concert halls, marquees or even house concerts. I have years of experience organising such events and my expertise ensures a professional and enjoyable fundraising occasions.

Another benefit is that a themed charity concert can be repeated at many other venues by going on a selected regional tour, thus bringing in a steady flow of vital funds. 




'fundraising through music' then l would love to hear from any approved charity, insitute, fundraising group,or individual fundraiser.

Please contact me via the 'contact page' with brief details and l'll get back to you for an informal chat.


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