Beautiful voice and playing. So lovely to see Alan.” - Swindon Folk Club
Alan is fast becoming another Goring Unplugged favourite. He has travelled home and abroad peddling his highly melodic and meaningful songs with poignant lyrics and has helped raise significant funds for charity. He also has a deceptively wicked sense of humour! We are very pleased to have him back again tonight. ”

— Goring Unplugged

Forever Young: A song for Wootton Bassett. Not only has Alan Pettifer done a wonderful job with simple yet poignant lyrics and fantastically moving musical arrangements, but everyone involved should feel proud of this creation. It's difficult to listen to "Forever Young" and not be emotionally moved, proof that such a simple medium as music can step up to the mark when mere words seem inadequate. Reviewed by Dave Franklin, Green Man Music (July 05, 2010)” - Dave Franklin

— Green Man Music

wonderful songs with meaningful Lyrics ” - Goldie Kupris, Germany
Excellent musician and songwriter and a lovely man ” - Cynthia Raymont Hall
May I say that your song for Wootton Bassett is exceptional. ” - Ron Merriman, Canora, Sask, Canada.
A most inspirational song and very moving....brought tears to my eyes. ” - Bob Austin, Royal Wootton Bassett.
May I say that your song for Wootton Bassett is exceptional. ” - Julie Hicks
Last Flower" A beautiful but powerful song............  ............."the song is simply amazing and inspiring."I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan for choosing Crimestoppers as the beneficiary charity. Dave Hunter, Cleveland Crimestoppers (April 11, 2011) *also see 'Mothers Against Knives'” - Dave Hunter

— Cleveland Crimestoppers

The Last Flower (comments) Alan its beautiful, a beautiful, beautiful melody on the guitar, and lovely great filming...we must make a story for our website. ” - Barbara Pollard..Abbey Gardens, Malmesbury.
As a founder of 'Mothers Against Knives' and 'It's Your Life' awareness team I approached Alan Pettifer and asked if he would consider composing a song for the victims of crime....Alan agreed. ...the words of Alan's song (The Last Flower) portray in a sense some of the feelings which related to anyone who has lost a loved one through a mother of a victim the song has a very special meaning to me....... .......for myself it will always have a deeper meaning which I hold in my heart....eternal thanks to Alan for composing an emotional and beautiful song. Barbara Dunne” - Barbara Dunne

— Mothers Against Knives